Top 10 Best Face Shield Masks for COVID-19

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Safety gear is very important when it comes to working in a work environment that is at risk of damage in any way. In many cases, people do not see the importance of safety and ultimately scare themselves for life. Face shields are one of the most important additions to your safety equipment list when you are involved in jobs such as grinding, cutting, etc. These masks are designed to save your face and eyes from flying objects, harmful chemicals, and debris. Designed with a transparent visor, the mask allows clear visibility for ease of operation while at the same time keeping your full face from damage.

Therefore, the security helmet of the face has been carefully researched and then displayed to avoid any doubt from the end-user.

10. Uvex S8510 Bionic Face Shield with  Anti-Fog/Hard Coat 

Face Shield Masks

The touch of elegance is combined with reliable manufacture that protects your face from various factors such as fragments, effects, chemical splashes, and more. The face shield has a longer shape that provides additional coverage from head to chin. Equipped with ratcheting gear for convenience and safety, the headcover fits perfectly and lets you adjust to the position you want.

Key features

  • Visor made of polycarbonate for enhanced visibility and protection against fog formation.
  • The design has an ergonomic and balanced approach for long-term wearing comfort.
  • Foam present on the rear cell for support.

9. Katzco Clear Full Face Shield Visor Mask for Automotive & Construction

Katzco Clear Full Face Shield

Satisfying the need for a face shield dust mask properly, Katzco’s face masks are designed to protect your full face even in the worst work environment. These high-quality glass petals come with improving your vision for a clearer approach and you even have the option to replace them with the color of your choice. In addition, the ratchet suspension enables easy adjustment of the shield so you don’t feel uncomfortable even after the longest hours of wearing.

Key features

  • It has a breathable headband which you can open and wash whenever you want.
  • Cam locks secure the visor attached to the frame.
  • The back of the headgear is provided with cell foam.

8. Honeywell Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor

UVEX by Honeywell Bionic Face Shield

Now you can do all kinds of work without worrying about damage to your face or eyes with this helmet mask. Designed to meet the needs of the ultimate face protection gear, the shield comes with ultra-clear polycarbonate visors that are resistant to impact and maintain the look as well. Once you put it on your head, total security is guaranteed against any debris.

Key features

  • The full shield face mask has an extended frame that reaches the top of the head.
  • Extra protection is ensured by the chin protection that is inbuilt.


7. Sellstrom S32050 DP4 Series Grinding Faceshield/Shade

Sellstrom S32050 DP4 Series Grinding Faceshield

Working as grinding, cutting, mating requires additional levels of protection to keep your face safe from the risk of unexpected damage. While there are risks associated with fireworks and debris, ANSI and CUL face shields are here to protect you in every possible way. In fact, the high impact standards set by CUL have been met by this shield model, dedicated to providing you with extra security constantly. Polycarbonate windows are high in the transmission factor and will always keep things clear ahead.

Key features

  • Easy to adjust ratchet headgear suspension.
  • The snug fit can be secured by tightening of one knob.
  • The window is both impacts as well as chemical splash-proof.
  • Advanced shape aimed at providing a natural fit with the face contours.

6. Parcil Distribution C-20 Extra Thick Full Face Shield

C-20 Extra Thick Full Face Shield by Parcil Distribution

If professional-grade face protection is what you are looking for, the warm face shield from Parcil Distribution will meet your expectations. Equipped with a heavy-duty visor with a thickness of 1/8 “and extremely reliable in terms of resistance, the mask will give you the luxury of constant functionality. Moreover, the flexibility in the design segment makes it usable for a variety of jobs such as grinding, cutting, and solder.

Key features

  • Any angle tilt is guaranteed on the headgear can be adjusted.
  • Ratcheting function awards you with a secure fit.
  • Excellent ergonomics combined with lightweight construction.

5. Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Anti-Fog/Hardcoat Visor 

 Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Hard Had Adapter and Clear Polycarbonate Anti-Fog/Hardcoat Visor

A clear polycarbonate visor that will give you a great picture of the unobtrusive vision and enhanced anti-fog protection to work without hassle, this is a great face shield to go with. Also, high-order ergonomics make this mask very balanced while maintaining lightweight that allows consistent clock wear without any discomfort. The ratcheting headgear is for safe and secure purposes for guaranteed protection.

Key features

  • Adjustable headgear can be tilted according to your wish and comfort.
  • Easy to replace visor for added convenience.
  • Certified by ANSI and CSA.

4. Bio-Mask Face Shield With 10 Shields

Bio-Mask Face Shield With 10 Shields

A standout in terms of design and build quality, the lightweight face mask from Bio-Mask has been approved by ANSI for better reliability. The entire construction has a reusable frame that allows the armor to change when needed for a long time. Because it comes with 10 shields in the package, you always have one suggestion at your disposal in the immediate future.

Key features

  • The custom band is adjustable for a secure fit every single time.
  • Weighs less than an ounce.
  • The shield is made of the polyester film that is also anti-fog.

3. Sellstrom S32210 Clear Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Faceshield

Sellstrom S32210 Clear Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Faceshield

One of the most trusted armor masks on the face of the market, it is designed to have interchangeable parts, meaning you can replace damaged parts and keep a constant amount. Given the expectations of CE, CSA, and ANSI security standards, overall security is always guaranteed. On the outside, polycarbonate face shields are safe against fog formation, UV rays, and impact issues.

Key features

  • Ratchet headgear suspension can be adjusted to nineteen different positions for excellent convenience.
  • The fit can be secured with just by turning a knob.
  • Shield delivers top-notch optical clarity and chin protection as well.

2. Sellstrom S38440 Max Light Series Face Shield

Sellstrom S38440 Max Light Series Face Shield, Anti-Fog Acetate Window

Another very reliable shield protection mask from Sellstrom, the Max Light Series is perfect for places where you need the best face protection and also the clear vision. It is made of clear polycarbonate crowns that enhance clarity and visibility even under low light conditions. In addition, it has great impact protection and is approved by OSHA and ANSI so you can use it without a doubt in your head.

Key features

  • Added chin guard protection for more convenient wearing.
  • Sta-clear fog-resistant coating is done on the face shield.
  • Ratchet headgear helps in agreeable fitting adjustment.

1. Bio-Mask Silver Face Shield With 10 Shields

Bio-Mask Face Shield With 10 Shields

Equipped with features and designed with brilliance, the face armor mask that tops the charts creates the highest functionality and high reliability in any given scenario. With this shield, the final protection of your face from spraying is guaranteed. Very lightweight, not too heavy, the convenience of wearing it for a longer time is very satisfying. Approved by ANSI, this means you never compromise on security factors.

Key features

  • Features a personalized adjustable band for great fit always.
  • Shields can be replaced when needed.

Your safety is in your hands and a protective shield protection mask will help you work safely even under harsh conditions.