Cosori Air Fryer

Nowadays, air fryers are a popular cooking tool, especially among fried food lovers. Although it has a delicious texture and taste, most fried foods make our body unhealthy. People who feel the effects of eating fried, start to change to a healthy menu. Then what […]

The Best OMORC Air Fryer

OMORC Air Fryer 7.6QT Large The OMORC XXL Air Fryer Oven has a 7.6QT square basket, which can serve food to 2-10 people at a time. The dimensions of the square basket are 10 * 10 * 4.78 inches, which has more space & is easier […]

Best Air Fryer [2020]

What is the Best Air Fryer in 2020? OMORC 7.6QT Large Air Fryer An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses a convection mechanism to distribute hot air around the food. It is a reduced version of the convection oven. Mechanical fans distribute hot […]