Best Air Fryer [2020]

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What is the Best Air Fryer in 2020?

OMORC 7.6QT Large Air Fryer

Best Air Fryer

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses a convection mechanism to distribute hot air around the food. It is a reduced version of the convection oven. Mechanical fans distribute hot air around high-speed foods, cook food and create a crisp layer through a golden reaction.

Is food safe using fried air?

Air-frying requires no oil compared to traditional fried foods, making it healthier than foods that use cooking oil. For those who like to eat fried things like fries or fried chicken, using “air fryer” for cooking can reduce calories and fat content.

Is air frying as good as deep frying?

This is a good thing for individuals who want to reduce fat intake for their health. However, food cooked using deep frying is much tastier, moist and soft. Air frying makes the food slow to cook compared to using frying oil because the oil level is faster to absorb into the food.

Does the Air Fryer make the food crunchy?

Air fryers cook food by distributing very hot air through the air frying cavity where the food is located. This type of cooking leaves a crisp outer layer. However, you may need to apply butter to the food to make it thicker and greasy.

What is the best air fryer on the market today in the year 2020?

The OMORC best XXL Air Fryer Oven has a 7.6QT square container, which can serve food to 2-10 people at a time. Its larger size makes it easier to use for more food and even fits a whole chicken.

[Hot Save for 120 Mins] OMORC Air Fryer has Heat Storage Function. After cooking is complete, you can touch the heat preservation function button to keep the food warm for 120 minutes. This is a sophisticated hot air circulation technology that gives you flexible hours.

An important reminder for first-time buyers is to read the manual on how to use this air fryer such as temperature and time control so that the food is cooked well and tastes good. But don’t worry because the experience is the best teacher.

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