The Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

You come to the right place! I will show you one of the best electric scooter for heavy adults that can load up to 150kg/330 lb. You will save time and stress looking around on the internet to find for the best that suits your need. This will surprise everyone who is looking for it.




































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NanRobot D5+ Foldable Lightweight 2000W Electric Scooter 

Maximum load: 150 kg/330 lb make it the Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults in the market today.

Top Speed of 40 MPH and traveling up to 50 miles range.

Max Speed: 40 MPH, Max Distance:50 miles 26ah/52V Lithium-Ion Battery (about 10 hours charge time).

PORTABLE DESIGN: Quick-Folding, the mechanism allows folding/unfolding in seconds making it a perfect scooter.

10″ TIRES: Making the NANROBOT scooter adapting to the roads of different terrains.

BRAKE & PREMIUM QUALITY: Front and rear disc brakes fully protect your safety with premium comfort shock absorption. Front LED light for riding under the night.

Front and rear two independent 1000w motors control to the front and rear wheels, drive up to 2000w at the same time, single drive and dual drive can be switched by button. Adjustable Twist Grip Acceleration Handle for added comfort & Hand brake for safety.

NANROBOT has professional after-sales service points in the United States, If you have any questions, please contact them and they will get back to you in the first time.


Another Choice of Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults


1)  TOMOLOO Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter for Kids and Adult can load up to 220 lbs. Check details..


2)  GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

The GXL has a top speed of 15.5MPH and holds a maximum of 220 lbs. Check details and customer reviews here..



3) QIEWA Q1Hummer 800Watts Electric Scooter 

This is the winner!!! With Maximum Load Weight up to 550lbs. 

Motor Power: 800Watts ■ Maximum Drive Distance until 100km.

Maximum Driving Speed can go near to 55KP.

Check More Details Here…

Max Load Weight: 550lbs

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