Best Rowing Machine 2019 – Top Row Machines Reviewed

A best rowing machine is the only thing you can depend on, in this busy world. This is because you can place it anywhere indoor and build your physical health just by using it for half an hour or so.

A row machine has a lot of benefits, this is why many people like to have a best rowing machine for home. Some of the main benefits of rowing machine are healthy heart and lungs because of cardio, an overall body workout, it vanishes the need of going to a gym and it is very easy to use.

But, here comes a very important debate, what is the best rowing machine? and then how to use it? So we have prepared a nice guide at the end of this page which will let you know what type of rowing machine is best for you and how to use a rowing machine.

Now before going towards the best rowing machine reviews, you must know there are several types of rowing machines based on the resistance you will face. The three main types of row machines are air, magnetic and water.

Air Rowing Machines basically have a flywheel which produces air resistance when pulled. The harder you pull it the stronger is the resistance. The good thing here is that people who want real serious resistance can use this type, it produces very strong resistance compared to other types. But on the other side, it produces a lot of noise. So you can only use it indoor if you live alone or set your timings so no one is disturbed by the noise.

Magnetic Rowing Machines incorporates strong magnets besides a flywheel. Unlike air rowing machine, here the resistance does not change with force. Resistance can be adjusted by adjusting sliders or sometimes digitally. Advantage of magnetic rower is that it is almost silent and requires less space. But the downside is that you will have to adjust the resistance level depending on your mood everyday. Because, resistance does not change while you pull harder or slower.

Water Rowing Machines are the best rowing machines for workout. This type of row machine has a water tank which has a flywheel in it. The flywheel rotates inside the water whenever pulled. The resistance here depends on the mass of water inside the container and the force you apply. The benefit of this type is that it is smooth and less noisy. Whereas, the thing one may not like is that most water rowing machines are costly. But the fact is that most people still opt for this type.

1. WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

Best home rowing machine
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best home rowing machine

Club Rowing Machine by WaterRower is the one of the best rated rowing machines which will make sense while resting in your home anywhere. Performance aside, its handcrafted wooden design alone is enough to make it look best of all.

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  • Wooden Design
  • S4 Performance Monitor
  • Low Noise
  • Comfortable Use
  • Price
  • Heavy

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. It is a handcrafted row machine having great aesthetics. It is made of ash wood from American forests and has a good oil finishing. The wooden structure not only gives it a nice look but plays an important role in the performance as well.

This wooden structure absorbs all the noise and vibration produced during rowing, this makes the process smooth and it becomes one of the best water rowing machine. Additionally, the water tank, seat and everything else is nicely adjusted for the best possible exercise and its cause.


Talking about the design of this best row machine, first and foremost it is best for indoor use. The reason for it being a best indoor rowing machine is both its design and the way it operates.

Design wise, it looks like an addition to your current furniture in the home. It bears a classical look because of its wood and elongated design. Next is its operation, it operates very smoothly making no unwanted noise which makes it perfect for indoor use.

Now let’s jump into the technical details, dimension wise it is 82.25 inches (length), 22.25 inches (width), 20 inches (height). It weighs a total of 103.5 lb which is 47 kg when filled with water. And not to forget, a total of 17 liters of water is needed to fill the tank.

The maximum weight limit for this row machine is 1000 lbs which is 454 kg, this means anyone using this rowing machine must not exceed the above mentioned weight. Moreover, the seat and footrests are very comfortable which makes all the process more fun. Also, the water tank of this row machine is made of polycarbonate which is very stiff.


WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is very popular among rowing enthusiasts. This is because of its ergonomics and easy operation. It can very easily be assembled within half an hour and filling or emptying the tank easy too.

Talking about the performance, the seat and footrests are nicely aligned so that there is no issue with your back or legs after the exercise. The handle also is nicely covered which gives a nice grip.

Now lets jump to S4 Performance Monitor which comes integrated in this best home rowing machine. This performance monitor is very advanced and you can do a number of things with it. The main things that it records and previews is Stroke Rate, Hear Rate, Duration and Distance. Besides these main things, you can do a lot more. Like you can store you previous 9 measurements and then view them later.

Then there is an option called zone and zonebar, using which you can set the intensity for your workout. It will later track you while working out and will tell you if you are inside or outside your zone. This is a very nice feature because you can keep up the track and change your zone on daily or weekly basis based on your strength.

Moreover, the monitor is very easy to use. It follows QuickSelect methodology, which means you can start tracking just by a single touch of the button.

Talking about the benefits, of course it helps you build your physical strength. But there are other benefits as well. Like it is very durable and build quiality is just amazing, so you will be using it for years and it won’t degrade. Also the performance monitor which comes integrated is just great, it saves you a lot of time and lets you easily track your record.

Bottom Line

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is the best rowing machine so far. People love it because of its design and performance. It can be very easily placed anywhere at your home, so it becomes the best rowing machine for home use. Finally, it is offered at a higher price but the price is very much justifiable compared to what you get. And what you get is a nice wooden rowing machine having top of the chuck features and health benefits.

2. Concept2 Model D PM5

Best air rowing machine
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best air rowing machine

Concept2 Model D is one of the best air rowing machine. It comes loaded with anything and everything one would like to have in a row machine. Besides the real aim which is strength building, you also get a PM5 monitor which comes with a lot of options.

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  • Minimal Design
  • PM5 Performance Monitor
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Portable
  • Price

So far, Model D by Concept2 has been known as the best rowing machine for indoor use. It is mostly compared with row machines which Olympic level athletes use. This makes it a high standard rowing machine, which makes it clear that all the design and adjustments are standard level. It also is a best rated rowing machine.

So it will be most suitable for exercise without any worries about going the wrong way. It is an air rowing machine which means it will be making noise but will automatically adjust to the power you apply while pulling.


Concept2 Model D has a very minimal design, it occupies very less space and is low profile. You don’t need to do a lot while assembling it or using it in routine. One can very easily get started after adjusting the footrests and airflow etc.

Here are the dimensional details, 96 inches (length), 24 inches (width), 14 inches (height). These details might look like its a big rowing machine which will occupy too much space but that’s not true. Actually, this row machine is very minimal in design and occupies as less space as it can. The reality is that on the ground it takes no space at all, only some parts of it are long and stick out from the actual area in the air. But this is not going to be a problem at all, as suggested by the users.

It can bear a total of 500 lbs (227 kg) weight, so anyone using it must not exceed this number. Moreover, the seat and footrests are nicely designed for maximum comfort, plus the cord is made of steel which makes it strong. Additionally this row machine has special frame lock / unlock mechanism using which it can very easily get into two pieces, in case you need to store it or change its position.


Everything from assembling till the physical results, this best rowing machine does wonders. Since it’s an air rowing machine, therefore you must know it will be a bit noisy. Although Concept2 claims that the flywheel is designed in a way which minimizes the noise and makes the process smooth.

But there is something more better which this flywheel does. You can very easily adjust the airflow towards the flywheel. Basically air rowing machines always respond to the force you apply, the harder you pull the more the airflow. But you still get an option to adjust the airflow in advance which gives you a bit of customization in advance.

It’s a widely used rowing machine because its a durable one. You would easily come across this model in many places like gyms and hotels etc. Another good thing here is that the footrests are adjustable too which indicates all your family can use it very easily in case you buy it for your home use.

Now coming towards the PM5 monitor which rests exactly at the center top of this machine, pointing directly at your face. It’s the performance monitor 5 which can be called one the most advanced monitor in rowing machines. The reason it is a good performance monitor is that it gives you good connectivity options alongside good tracking features. It can track your pace, stroke rate and calories burned etc and then store in the internal memory or you can choose to store the data in a USB. You can also choose to switch between a “just row” mode or set many other workouts and targets.

The interesting thing about this PM5 is that it has connectivity options like Bluetooth and ANT+. Using Bluetooth you can easily connect to different apps via your phone and get your data on the device you want. Plus, you can also use the ANT+ wireless technology which allows monitoring devices from different brands to connect. This means you can easily connect this performance monitor to any of your fitness belt or other monitoring devices.

Bottom Line

Concept2 Model D with PM5 is one of the best air rowing machine for indoor use. It is minimal in design, very easy to operate and has enormous health benefits. Additionally it also keeps in mind portability and storage, therefore has a locking mechanism which lets it get into two pieces for easily moving it. And not to forget it comes housed with a PM5 which tracks your workout in many ways and then lets you get your data in multiple ways.

3. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

Best indoor rowing machine
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best indoor rowing machine

WaterRower Natural is a sibling of club rowing machine reviewed at number one here. Both have almost same benefits of rowing machine but are a little different in color, design and some other things which we will be discussing below.

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  • Dynamic Resistance
  • S4 Performance Monitor
  • Intense Strength Building
  • Weight

WaterRower Rowing Machines are well know among workout enthusiasts and are widely used. They are a long way ahead of other companies when it comes to design, easy of use and physical benefits. This is why two best rowing machines from WaterRower have made its place among the top row machines.

Most of the the rowing machines made by WaterRower are similar in design and features. They just have small differences and a difference in price as well.


As always it is hand crafted, made from Ash wood having light brown color because of the honey oat stain finish. The wooden structure makes it further smooth and absorbs all the vibrations which results in reducing the noise.

The seat, footrests and handle is nicely designed for a better grip and comfort. A look at the dimensions tells that it almost suits any body type and exercise. The dimensions are 82.25 inches (length), 22.25 inches (width), 20 inches (height). And it can handle a maximum weight of 350 kg on it.

The weight of this rowing machine with the tank filled is 103.5 lbs which equals around 47 kg. This makes it a heavy one but when the tank has no water in it then it weighs 66 lbs which makes it very easy to move around and store when needed.

Moreover, the material of the water tank is good which makes it a durable rowing machine and the overall ergonomics are good.


There are no doubts about how this row machine operates and builds your strength. It can become a nice partner for your strength building sessions.

The seat and footrests are well-balanced which adds up to the overall performance. Besides, as you know it is a water rowing machine which means the resistance created depends on the force you apply. And this rowing machine further enhances this process because of the best quality and technical design of the flywheel within the water tank.

Most of the best row machines always comes with an integrated performance monitor and same is the case here. WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine comes equipped with an S4 performance Monitor which brings a lot of things with it. This performance monitor does not let you do a lot with the data inside it but shows you quite a good number of accurate metrics.

You get to see the intensity, distance, stroke rate, heart rate, the duration of your workout and the calories burned. Looking at all these metrics makes it pretty clear that this is the best rowing machine for workout.

Bottom Line

So, WaterRower Natural rowing machine is one of its kind. It has a nice design, looks good anywhere placed indoor, gives you the best strength training mechanism and tracks all your records while you do your exercise. Overall, it bears a high price but it’s the best indoor rowing machine you can have. The price it is offered at, is totally justifiable.

4. Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Rower

Best magnetic rowing machine
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best magnetic rowing machine

Stamina Avari Magnetic Rower is an advanced rowing machine where you can do certain things automatically. Like you can choose various exercise types and change the magnetic resistance digitally by the touch of buttons.

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  • 12 Built-in Programs
  • Automatic Resistance Control
  • Comfortable
  • Budget Friendly
  • Not for High Intensity

Staming Avari A350-700 is one of the best magnetic rowing machines. Besides the physical benefits, it comes with a lot of automatic features which makes it a smart gadget in today’s world. Additionally, it is nicely designed to rest inside your room, outside in the balcony or anywhere else.

What makes it even more better is that despite all the benefits and advanced tech, it’s a best rowing machine on a budget. It is not one of those rowing machines which are sold at a higher price only because of elegant looks. It really manages to give you the best body workout.


Design wise, it is minimal. It does not require big space at all and up on the top, it can be folded to a very small size for storing or moving around. The total length when unfolded for use is 81 inches and the width is 20 inches. The seat height is 24.5 inches which is above average. Normally, other row machines have an average 20 inches seat height. And the total weight of this best row machine is 74 lbs (34 kg).

The handle is padded with foam which makes a firm grip and is easy to pull. However, the foam may tear up with time but it can be easily replaced. Below the handle you will see the footrests area. Here the foot plates can move a little providing you with more natural movement and the straps keep your feet still.

The seat of this best rowing machine is a molded one. Such seats give you maximum comfort while working out but you will have to make sure to be seated in exact right manner. Otherwise you may face falling off.

Finally, the best thing here is that it has built-in wheels at the bottom which makes it super easy to move. You can literally move it around easily like a tricycle.


Since it is a magnetic rowing machine, it gets pretty clear that it must be a nice performer. And yes it is, it is dead silent while rowing and performs as best as it can.

You can very easily adjust the duration and resistance using arrow keys below the main LCD. The performance monitor here tells you a lot about your exercise but there is something more to it. Here, you can have 12 different workout programs out of which 8 are default and 4 can be set by the user. The Staming Avari A350-700 is one of the LCD here is backlit so you can even see all the data in low light.

The default modes are Manual, Valley, Fat Burn, Rolling Hills, Ramp, Mountain, Interval and Heart Rate Mode. For the heart rate mode you get a special chest strap heart rate monitor which measure your heart rate and the machine acts accordingly.

Besides, the performance monitor also tells you things like distance, duration, stroke rate, calories burned and pulse etc. And you can do almost all the best rowing machine workouts.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a rower which is dead silent and is best at performance, this is going to be your best go to option. It has a ton of programming features and is very smooth. Additionally, the price is not too high either, it can be called the best value rowing machine.

5. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower CHR-2001

Best rowing machine under 500
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best rowing machine under 500

Among magnetic rowing machines, this one is one of the best rowing machine on a budget and still manages to be the best. It comes with almost the same level of comfort and features which other expensive rowing machines have.

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  • Best for Beginners
  • Cheap
  • Electronic Resistance Control
  • Not for High Intensity

Velocity Exercise Rower is a best rowing machine under 500. This low price does not mean that it may have less features and comfort compared to other rowing machines.

It is budget friendly but still manages to give you the best resistance along with many other customization features.


It’s a type of row machine which is easily fold-able and can be moved around. While unfolded, it still occupies very little space. It can be a best rowing machine for beginners.

It can be placed anywhere inside your home for a quick training period. Most of the system machinery lies within the front area of this rower, and on the other side is the beam which is strong enough to support any sort of normal strength building intensity.

Dimensions wise, it has a length of 80.3 inches, the width is 20.1 inches and the height is 25.2 inches. All these measurements makes it clear that the machine is suitable for any kind of normal human. Besides, it also clarifies that this best rowing machine would not be occupying too much space.

The maximum weight which this row machine can handle is 275 lbs which is around 124 kg. And you can get this rower in any of the two available colors, grey and black.


Magnetic rowers are always good at performing good. You always get to do a ton of things with your rower, if it is magnetic. The first and good thing you get here is electronic resistance control which means you can change the resistance at your will by the touch of buttons. And not to forget, this row machine is as silent as it can get. You won’t hear any unnecessary sound other than your seat going back and forth on the beam.

The footrests are nicely stiff, giving you maximum control over your movement. And the seat is comfortable too, you won’t be feeling any unnecessary touches from below.

Now the performance monitor also lets you do a lot. You get 12 different programs inside it, each of which is different and you may choose at your will. You also get a chest strap which tracks your heart rate. The monitor here can track duration, strokes, distance, the calories your burned and pulse rate.

Bottom Line

The fact that it is the best rowing machine under 500, but still has almost all the advanced features making it one of the best row machine. It is budget friendly, is good for indoor workouts and super easy to move around. All this makes it a favorite magnetic rowing machine.

6. Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050

Best inexpensive rowing machine
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best inexpensive rowing machine

This rowing machine is different than normal rowers. You won’t be pulling cords over here, instead it comes with rowing arms which gives you an even better training. But still, it is a best cheap rowing machine.

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  • Hydraulic Resistance Control
  • Built-in Fitness Monitor
  • Inexpensive
  • Large Diameter of Rowing Arms

Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 is a much smaller rowing machine compared to majority of them. But it still works same as some big row machines. The good thing here is that it is the best inexpensive rowing machine. It is offered at a much lower price compared to others and can be a best rowing machine for beginners.

It is different than normal rowers which have a cord to be pulled. It comes with its own rowing arms which has an overall good effect on your physical health. It may need more space while you are using it because the arms move around in almost circular way but when not in use, it occupies very less space and you can even fold it for storing.


This rowing machine is nicely designed for best health results and usage. Starting from the arms till the seat and everything is great.

It’s compact and easily portable. You can easily fold it and make it stand upright for storing it anywhere. The movement of rowing arms is smooth and the machine itself is very silent. It’s a hydraulic rower, you will see the pump below the seat, this pump makes it smooth and silent.

A look at the dimensions, 46 inches (length), 21 inches (width) and 23.5 inches (height). This says very clearly that the machine won’t be occupying too much space. You can easily place it anywhere indoor, even in your room. This makes it a best rowing machine for home. And, the maximum weight it can bear is 250 lbs (113 kg).


If you are really looking for something within budget and best performance together, then this rowing machine is the best choice for you. The price is almost half as that of other rowing machines.

Talking about the performance, it’s a hydraulic rowing machine which means it is dead silent. Also you can change the resistance level below the seat. This mechanism makes sure you only feel the resistance of your choice and nothing other than that.

On the rowing arms and the seat you will come across padded foam which further adds to the comfort. Also, the footrests are textured which makes sure your feet don’t slip and you also get to tie your feet to the plates using straps.

Most importantly, you also get a multifunction fitness monitor which lets you see a lot. Here, you can check your calories burned, speed, duration of workout, strokes per minute and distance covered. This monitor works accurately and all the metrics you see are very precise.

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, it’s a best inexpensive rowing machine and still does what other expensive rowers can do for you. Besides, the design has mainly been focused towards compact nature and easy portability. If budget is a constraint for you, then this Stamina BodyTrac Rower is the best fit for you because it is a best rowing machine under 500.

7. ProForm 440R Rower

Best budget rowing machine
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best budget rowing machine

ProForm 440R Rower is a best compact rowing machine. It has nice folding edges using which it can be easily stored. Up on the top it is one of the best rowing machine under 500.

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  • 8 Resistance Levels
  • Cheap
  • Bicep/Tricep Training
  • Thin Handle

You can really get anything and everything from this rowing machine at a very good price. Mostly people think that low price products have low quality but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you can get your hands on some very nice things like this 440R Rower.

It is cheap compared to other rowing machines and comes with almost all the options and comfort as that of other row machines. It is a perfect fit for cardio and strength building. Additionally, it has a good overall effect on all your muscles which are trained while rowing.

Among the types, it’s a magnetic one which means you’ll have to set resistance as per your needs and you get to choose from a total of 8 resistance levels.


ProForm 440R Rower is very compact, it occupies very little space while in use whether standing or lying flat. Yes, you heard it right, you can also use it for biceps / triceps exercise while it stands upright. It can be very easily folded to make it stand upright and then you can do your biceps / triceps or store it anywhere easily.

A look at the dimensions tells a lot about its compact nature. The length is 76.6 inches, width 38.3 inches and the seat height from the ground is 20.5 inches. And it weighs 68 lbs which is 30 kg. Since it has wheels for moving it around and the weight also is not too much, this makes it clear that changing the position of this row machine is easier. Besides, the maximum weight which this rower can handle is 250 lbs (113 kg).

The footrests are easily adjustable and have a pivoting pedal which makes the movement natural. The handle as well has a nice grip on it which adds up to the overall results of this best rowing machine 2019.


Performance wise, this rower is no less than other expensive rowing machines. It’s a magnetic rower and comes with 8 different resistance levels. Additionally you get a big LCD screen which records and tells you a lot.

On the big LCD which is a fitness monitor, you can check strokes per minute, distance, calories burned and the duration as well. You can also switch between multiple training modes. Just below the screen you will come across a big red knob using which you can change the magnetic resistance level. You can choose between 8 different resistance levels.

The handle here has a good grip over it as mentioned earlier, but you may face some problem with it. This is because the handle is short and thin compared to other rowers.

Bottom Line

So if you are looking for a best budget rowing machine then ProForm 440R Rower is what you need. It is offered at a very budget friendly price and offers you almost everything which you need from a rower.

8. Stamina 1215 Orbital Rower

Best affordable rowing machine
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best affordable rowing machine

Stamina 1215 Orbital rowing machine has rowing arms which looks exact like one rowing in water. It works on hydraulic system and resistance control. The good things is that it’s an affordable machine and sits low occupying less space.

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  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Compact
  • Simple Performance Monitor

This rowing machine takes your workout on whole body level. Its rowing arms exactly mimic the motion of rowing in water. This motion affects all the major groups of your muscles and gives you a nice cardio.

Overall, this row machine is minimal in design. It’s just a few inches above the ground while in use, which makes the process easier. Besides, the grip of rowing arms and seat etc. everything is comfortable.


As mentioned, it’s a minimal rowing machine. The seat is just just 10 inches above the ground. Length is 48 inches and the width is 45.5 inches. Dimensions tell us that it is almost square in shape, so it has more width compared to usual row machines and its length is less than what normal rowing machines have.

The footrests are nicely placed and have straps on them for a stiff hold of your feet. Rowing arms also have padded grips on the top to make sure your hands do not slip while working out. This grip is very important for a balanced workout.

The beam upon which the seat slides can be adjusted too. The inclined position of this seat can be adjusted which results in change of the intensity and the force you will be applying. The seat of this best rowing machine is padded with foam and the maximum weight it can handle is 250 lbs (113 kg). Additionally, the rowing arms could be easily folded for storing it and thus making it a best compact rowing machine.


For indoor workout purposes, it is a best affordable rowing machine and it’s a good performer as well. Since it’s a hydraulic rower, it is silent and does not produce any extra noise. And the resistance could be controlled too, using a knob.

The foot plates are movable and have pivoting motion, this ensure a natural movement of your feet.

Now the performance monitor, it’s a simple screen which can record and show multiple things like strokes, calories burned, time and your rowing speed. Besides, it can also record the metrics and display them every 6 seconds when the scan mode is turned ON. And operating it is easy as well, it works on single button mechanism.

The downside to this performance monitor is that you can’t do a lot with it, it just simply displays the metrics.

Bottom Line

Overall, this row machine could be a nice addition to you indoor fitness apparatus. Because, it occupies less space, does justice to your workout effort and is offered at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a rower which has rowing arms rather a handle for pulling, then Stamina 1215 Orbital Rower is the best affordable rowing machine you can get in the market.

9. Sunny Obsidian Surge Water Rower

Best affordable water rower
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best affordable water rower

Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge Water Rower is a best rowing machine for the money. Normally, water rowers are expensive. But, this one is well inside the budget and has modern looks too.

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  • Best for the Money
  • R2 Fitness Monitor
  • Comfortable
  • Dimensions

This water rower is as good as one can get, when talking about the performance. It has got everything you would be looking for in a water rowing machine. But the thing due to which it has been dragged down to this position is its design.

It’s not a bad design for workout, but in terms of being compact, it is not because it occupies more space and is tall. Other than the design, it is a nice overall performer in terms of comfort, best results and recording the metrics smartly.


As mentioned earlier, in terms of occupying space it is not even near to be called compact. It stands tall at 33.43 inches which is almost near to 3 feet. Its width is good range at 22.05 inches but its way more lengthy than normal rowers at 78 inches. There are wheels at the bottom for moving around the rowers, and these can prove to be helpful because the machine is lightweight at 81 lbs (36 kg).

These dimensions make it a bit awkward, but the overall looks and comfort of this best rowing machine are at a next level of quality. It comes in full black and has red touches at different places like its flywheel inside the water tank.

The seat and handle is nicely padded and have good grips for a firm hold. Also, the fitness monitor is placed at good position in the top center, just in front of your head. You could easily note all your rowing metric while doing the workout.

Normally, water rowers produce sound and this one does too. But it is a little lower on noise compared to what other rowers produce. Moreover, the foot pads have nice grip for overall better results.


Performance wise, this row machine is a beast. It’s a water rower so clearly the resistance level depends on the force you apply. The faster you pull, the higher is the resistance.

As mentioned, the seat, handles and footrests are nicely gripped and comfortable. Which results in a balanced effect on the whole workout process.

The fitness monitor you get integrated with this rower is R2 fitness monitor. It’s a good performance monitor and tells you a good number of things about your exercise. You get to see your speed, exercise duration, calories burned, strokes per minute and the room temperature as well. You can also track your heart rate, but for that you need to buy a separate heart rate chest strap and connect that to the R2 fitness monitor using ANT+ technology.

This monitor can be used in two different ways. One is the simple way using which you can simply see your metrics. Or you can pre-select a value and then see when you achieve your target. The downside to this monitor is that it is not backlit, so you may face problems while working out in low light.

Bottom Line

Sunny Health and Fitness Obsidian Surge is a water rower at a good budget. It definitely is the best rowing machine for the money. Because performance wise it is same as other expensive rowers and you still get it in a nice price below 500. Finally, the R2 fitness monitor further makes it a nice rower overall.

Choosing the Best Rowing Machine

Choosing the best row machine can be a bit tricky if you are doing it for the first time. Because there are a number of factors which you need to think about. Additionally, there are certain things which your rowing machine should and should not have. So here are certain things based on which you will be able to choose a best row machine for yourself.

i) Resistance Type: We’ve mentioned in the very start that based on resistance type there are three main types, namely water, air and magnetic. All these have their pros and cons. In short:

  • Water rowing machines are the best type, they do not produce too much noise. The resistance here depends on the force you apply, this means the resistance changes as you pull harder or softer. But most of the water rowers are expensive compared to other types.
  • Air rowers are budget friendly, some of the best cheap rowing machines have air resistance type. This type is best for hardcore trainings and long sessions. The resistance type is same as water rowers, the harder you pull the greater is the resistance. But the disadvantage of such rowers is that they produce a lot of noise because the flywheel rotates in the air and ultimately there is a lot of noise produced.
  • Magnetic rowers are the most silent of them all, they do not produce any sound and their price lies somewhere at the middle of water and air rowers. But these rowers use magnet bars for resistance for which you have to set the resistance level in advance. You can not change the resistance on the go while rowing.

ii) Ergonomics: A rowing machine mostly affects all your muscle groups, this is why you always a need a balanced row machine. Things like seat, footrests, handle etc. needs to be adjustable and comfortable. You should always look for a rowing machine which has pivoting footrests, the seat is nicely padded and the handle has a firm grip. All these important factors are mentioned with each rower above in the reviews.

iii) Dimensions and Weight: Everyone knows that they will placing their rower somewhere in their home. But you may need to move them around at some point or you may not have too much space in your room. This is why you need to check the dimensions of the row machine you select. Make sure it can be placed at your space and also check if you can move it around or store it easily.

Additionally, you need to check two other things. One is the weight of the rower itself and other is the maximum weight which the rowing machine can bear.

iv) Fitness Monitor: You could only achieve good results if you track your workout. This is why almost all rowing machines comes with a built-in performance monitor which tracks certain things. Some of these are simple monitors which just track things like speed, time, strokes per minute and the calories your burned. While other are advanced, they can connect to your smartphones for sharing data and doing other advanced things.

How to use a Rowing Machine

You must know how to use a rowing machine before you start. There are a number of exercises which you can do. Mainly three different exercises are performed using a row machine. These are the best rowing machines workout.

i) Legs Only: The first main exercise you can do using a rowing machine is to put all the force on to your legs. For this type of exercise you need to sit upon the rower and keep for posture straight, then hold onto the handle and tie your feet to the footrests using the foot straps. Now, you just have to push your legs and the machine itself will take you back and forth. Make sure you do not bend your back and you must hold your arms in the same position throughout.

ii) Arms Only: This type mainly focuses on building your arms strength, although it also affects other muscles. In this type again, you need to sit in the same manner mentioned above and then push your legs against the footrests only once so that you pull yourself back. Now you have to keep your legs straight and start moving the handle back and forth. This exercise affects your biceps, triceps and wings (the left and right back of your body).

iii) Complete Rowing: In this type you use both, legs and arms for pulling your body back on the slider. This type effects all the major groups of your muscles. In other words it’s a full body workout and an amazing cardio. You only have to make sure that while coming back towards the front of the rower, your speed is reduced. In simple words, you have to resist the force which is pulling you back towards the front part of the rower.

Benefits of Rowing

Rowing has a lot of benefits, we have mentioned the most common benefits which can help any ordinary human.

a) Rowing is the best cardiovascular exercise of all. This way, your heart, lungs and other internal body parts stay healthy.
b) It’s a full body workout. When you use a rowing machine properly, almost all of your body muscles are effected.
c) Your body gets flexible. If you row regularly, you can get a nice flexible body and not get old soon.
d) You burn calories. Someone who is worried about their weight and physical health but has got no extra time for gym, a rowing machine can be their best friend.
e) It is suitable for people of all age groups. Elderly people can also use a row machine for keeping their body together.


That’s all about best rowing machines 2019 from us. Hope by now you know which row machine is the perfect fit for you.

We update our reviews on monthly basis. You can always come back and check if there is something new next month.

If you are curious about how we rank products, you can check it in our “ABOUT” section below.

Now Let’s hear from you. .

Which rower did you find most suitable?

Or if you have any question regarding any of the above mentioned rowing machines?

Feel free to leave a comment, we love to hear from our readers.

Top Rated Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners 2019 – Buying Guide & Tips

Since it was introduced, the best vacuum cleaner has become an important instrument to keep your place clean. This can be the explanation you would like to possess a decent vacuum cleaner at your home or workplace.

Here in this vacuum cleaners buyer’s guide, we have reviewed 6 the best upright vacuum cleaners 2019 in detail. These include different types like upright vacuum cleaners and canister vacuum cleaners. Besides, there are other types like best cordless vacuum cleaners and corded vacuum cleaners.

You will barely come across a house where they don’t have a vacuum cleaner. That said, everyone tries to get the best vacuum cleaners so they could easily clean the surface whether it is covered with carpets or left bare.

There are several types & things you need to know and think about before you decide which one is the best upright vacuum cleaner 2019 for you. So you need to go through our guide for choosing the best upright vacuum cleaner at the end of the page.

Although a vacuum cleaner works for years it’s better to choose the most recent model and then not worry about replacing it soon.

Now, what is the best upright vacuum cleaner?


The best upright vacuum cleaner is one which is easy to use so you can easily steer it anywhere at your place. It must have powerful motors which enhance its suction performance. And then there are some extra features like anti-allergen and cordless use. All these things make the best upright vacuum cleaner for carpets and other surfaces.

Dyson, Miele, Hoover, and Shark, etc are the best upright vacuum cleaner brands and most of our top 6 best upright vacuum cleaners of 2019 are from these famous brands. They are best at what they do. Let’s jump into the details of these 6 top vacuum cleaners in 2019.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners 2019

Vacuum Cleaner Type  
Dyson Cyclone V10 Upright / Bagless
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Dyson V8 Absolute Upright / Cordless
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Hoover Linx Signature Upright / Cordless
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Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Upright / Bagged
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Hoover WindTunnel 3 Upright / Corded
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Black and Decker AIRSWIVEL Upright / Corded
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Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


1. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Read Full Review

best cordless vacuum cleaner

The V8 Absolute is yet another best vacuum cleaner for 2019. It can be called the older sibling of the Dyson V10 which is on top in our ratings. It may not beat the Dyson V10 in performance but definitely is one of the best vacuum cleaners. It is powerful and very easy to use.

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  • Performance
  • Easy to Use
  • Special Purpose Tools
  • MAX Mode Drains Battery


The Dyson V8 Absolute is a stick vacuum cleaner. It is upright and can be handled very easily. This makes it easy to use the vacuum cleaner. The fact that it is a cordless vacuum cleaner further adds to its ease of use and performance.

Since it is cordless, we must know how to get it charged. It comes with a dock station that can be fixed anywhere on a wall. This dock is used to rest the vacuum cleaner while getting charged. So by including the dock, it becomes a very compact machine, doesn’t occupy too much space because of its smart nature.

Also, it’s a best lightweight vacuum cleaner at only 5.75lbs. You can easily lift it and use it for cleaning surfaces above average height like ceilings, frames or other such places.


As mentioned earlier, it may not beat the Dyson V10 but it still rocks in many ways. The reason we have this best vacuum cleaner on our list is that its performance is near to that of V10 but it is offered at a price, much lower.

It has two different types of cleaning heads, one for soft and other for hard surfaces. On both surfaces the results are good. It can easily suck in all particles from within the carpets. This is how it can be the best carpets vacuum cleaner.

The motor inside this machine is the Dyson Digital V8 which revolves at over 100,000rpm for powerful suction. Also, the filter inside is HEPA for better cleaner air. So it is the best vacuum cleaner for allergies as well. You can use it has no worries about your allergies.

Now the charge, this vacuum cleaner gives you around 40 minutes of charge while using non-motorized cleaning tools. But if you use the motorized tool then it will last for around 25 minutes. In both cases the charge time is good, you can do a lot of cleaning in 25 minutes.

Not to forget you can always choose between two power modes. One is the MAX Mode where you get ultrahigh power but then the vacuum will work for 7 minutes only. Other is the Powerful Mode which is the normal daily use mode, it doesn’t drain the battery fast.

Best For

The Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum cleaner is best for quick and smart use. It’s powerful and smart nature lets you do the cleaning quick and efficiently. It is good for someone who has very little time for cleaning.

Besides this, if you are some sorta gadgets lover and like to have modern day machines in your house then it is the perfect fit for you. You can enjoy technology alongside cleanliness.

Parts & How to Use

Now how to use this beast? The two main cleaning heads that you get are direct drive cleaner head and the soft roller cleaner head.

The direct drive head is powerful and hard. It is used for carpets and other such surfaces so that the dirt can be sucked from within the surfaces. On the other hand, the soft roller cleaner head is used for hard surfaces where the dirt particles can be very easily captured because they are not trapped within the surface.

Besides these main tools you get a mini motorized tool which has a motor in it, this makes it powerful yet easy to be used within tight places like cars etc. Not to forget, you can very easily transform the Dyson V8 into a handheld vacuum cleaner by just a click.

You also get a mini soft brush, a combination tool for doing two tasks at once and a crevice tool for cleaning edges and corners.

Bottom Line

All in all the Dyson V8 Absolute is one of the best vacuum cleaners 2019 which is powerful yet the price is bearable. Although it may not fall into the best budget vacuum cleaners category but compare to the performance, its price is justifiable. Besides, it deals well with carpets, pet hair and tight places.

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2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352

Best Budget Vacuum Cleaner
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best budget vacuum cleaner

Shark Navigator Lift-Away is one of its kind vacuum cleaners. It is upright and canister at the same time. Besides, it is offered at a very reasonable price and hence becomes the best budget vacuum cleaner. Also, no compromise has been made on the quality, it performs the same as other good vacuum cleaners.

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  • 2 in 1 (Lift-Away)
  • Price
  • Anti-Allergen
  • Emptying the Bin


Looking at the design, this vacuum cleaner looks old school but it is not. It’s just the way it is designed. It has a very simple design having no modern day techy looks on it and comes in only lavender color.

The best thing about the design of this best vacuum cleaner 2019 is that it is upright and canister(cylinder) at the same time. You just have to detach the wand, remove the canister and lift it for using it anywhere. You can check the video here for understanding in detail.

This is actually quite amazing. You may not find lots of vacuums having this 2 in 1 feature. Besides, while using as an upright vacuum cleaner, the maneuverability is very easy and smooth. All this has been made possible because of lightweight, it ultimately becomes one of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly as well.

The cord length of this vacuum machine is around 9 meters. This length makes possible cleaning big areas without changing the socket position.


Users of Shark Navigator Lift-Away are quite happy with the suction. Despite being light and silent, it manages to have ultra-high suction power using which it deals with almost all surfaces pretty well.

You get to choose between brush roll and bare floor settings to use at different surfaces, we’ll come to that later. And you can also adjust the suction, it’s called the suction release. It enables you to adjust the suction in order to make the push and pull through carpets easy.

Best For

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 can be the best vacuum cleaner for home. It is lightweight, so you never get tired while using it. Then, it has this detachable option, you can switch between upright and canister by a few clicks. Also, it is well inside the budget compared to the performance.

All this makes it the most suitable vacuum cleaner for home use.

Parts & How to Use

This vacuum cleaner comes with a ton of attachments namely the crevice tool for narrow spaces, dusting brush for places like shelves, TV etc. the accessory tool holder, HEPA filters which are anti-allergen, an accessory bag for storing all your vacuum cleaner accessories and finally the large turbo brush which is the main cleaning head for pet hair and carpets.

You will come across two different settings. First is the bare floor setting, the name tells for itself it should be used while cleaning hardwood or bare floors. Other is the brush roll setting, it is used for cleaning carpets, pet hair and other such surfaces.

The bin or the dirt cup here is a transparent one. You can easily get to know when it is full and needs emptying. The emptying process is not the best but not bad either. You need to hold it above a bin and then press the button, this opens the lid on the bottom from one side and all the dust/garbage is gone.

There are five different filters in this vacuum cleaner, two pre-motor and three post-motor filters. The pre-motor filter needs to be washed every three months and then let dry for 24 hours. Whereas among the post-motor, the HEPA filter needs to be washed every two years and the other two every 12 months.

Cleaning these filters is very easy, you just have to rinse them under a tap and let them dry for 24 hours, that’s all.

Finally, you can easily switch it into a canister vacuum for purposes like cleaning areas underneath beds or sofas. This makes it very hand and the best vacuum cleaner 2019.

Bottom Line

Shark Navigator Lift-Away is one handy vacuum cleaner. The only thing you may not like is the suction, it is not bad at all but does not beat the suction power of some high-end vacuums like Dyson V8 and Miele Electro+ etc. Besides, it is lightweight, portable, comes with a ton of accessories and has the best maneuverability. Also, we have selected it as our best budget vacuum cleaner because the price is very low and justifiable compared to its performance.

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3. Hoover Linx Signature Cordless Stick BH50020

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Read Full Review

best stick vacuum cleaner

Linx Signature by Hoover is one of the smartest vacuum cleaners you will come through. What makes it best is its uniquely slim design, a powerful removable battery and the special WindTunnel technology.

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  • Slim Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Portable
  • Battery


Hoover BH50020 Linx Signature is the best stick vacuum cleaner among the top 11. The design is amazingly slim, it really justifies the name stick vacuum cleaner.

At 44 inches, its height is exactly what a normal human needs. You don’t need to bend until needed. And the maneuverability is as smooth as it can get.

The main reason for this best vacuum cleaner 2019 for being on this list is its smart nature. It is slim, it is cordless and has some smart indications like a fuel gauge. Besides, the battery here is a removable one. You can easily replace batteries when one goes out. There is a separate charging stand for the battery, this is what may stop you from liking this vacuum cleaner but everything else is superb.

The handle is designed in such a way so it can easily reach areas under furniture or other things. One does not has to bend down or move things here and there.


Linx Signature BH50020 has a fade-free lithium-ion battery which works great. It takes around 2 – 3 hours to get fully charged. Many users have confirmed the battery time from 10 – 15 minutes depending on what type of surface you are cleaning. This is the reason you get removable battery option, if one goes out quickly then you can swipe in another one.

Performance wise, it works best on both bare floors and carpets. A single back and forth on any area would be enough to suck in all the dirt and debris.

There are two different brushes incorporated into the main cleaning tool. One is the roll brush which can easily capture pet hair and other such things. The other type of brushes are the stiff side brushes, they work best for edge cleaning and there is no need for additional tools for cleaning corners etc.

Best For

The Hoover Linx Signature is best for everyone. It is smart, quick and does not get you tired while using. Its smart nature also makes it portable which means you can take it anywhere you want. Besides, it is cordless which makes it even better.

All aside, the best thing above all is that there is no need to switch between different tools. The main cleaning head has everything in it, it works everywhere on main surfaces, edges, and heights etc.

Parts & How to Use

What you get with this best vacuum cleaner for wood floors are the main cleaning tool, the dirt cup, and a replaceable battery.

Upon the top where the handle starts is the power button. It has three different modes. 0 is OFF, I is ON and II is suction and brushes ON. At some distance below the power button is the fuel gauge indicator. 3 LEDs means the battery is above 75%, 2 LEDs means it is above 50%, 1 LED means it is above 25% and a single blinking LED means the battery is below 25%.

Then there is a transparent dirt cup, you can easily get to know when it is full and needs emptying. There is a button just where the dirt cup portion starts, pressing this button will push the dirt cup out. Then the dirt cup has a release button which is used for emptying. You have to bring it over any bin where you want to empty it, press the button and the lid opens throwing all the garbage down.

You can also remove the filter from the top of the dirt cup by pulling it out and then rinse with water. Not to forget the filter must be let dry for 24 hours after washing with water.

Bottom Line

Hoover Linx BH50020 is one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair and carpets. It deals good with almost all surfaces and the usage is not hectic at all. The only thing one may not like is the low battery time, but then it is not an issue because if you have an extra battery you can easily replace it. Overall, it is a good vacuum cleaner because the price is not to high and the performance is good.

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4. Oreck Commercial Vacuum Cleaner XL2100RHS

Best Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
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best commercial vacuum cleaner

From the looks, this vacuum cleaner seems to be very ordinary and odd, but it is not. True that it has a very simple design and no extra features, but it is a commercial grade vacuum cleaner which works amazingly great.

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  • Price
  • Best for Carpets
  • Compact
  • No Rewind Cord


Not just in your first look, but every time you see this commercial vacuum, you will think of it as some very ordinary or low-quality vacuum cleaner. But the reality is counter to what you may think.

Design wise this vacuum cleaner has nothing to show off. But if we talk about simplicity and ease of use, its design is of utmost importance.

It has been kept very simple, lightweight and has maximum portability. Besides, it is a bagged vacuum cleaner which means it uses bags for trapping the dirt and dust. There are no filters and dirt cups here. You have to change the bag after some time.

Basically, it is designed for commercial use by making it simple and giving it a wide 12-inch cleaning head. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be used in home or workspace.

The reason for this best vacuum cleaner 2019 being at the bottom side of this list is not its performance but low features and no extra tools. It does not give you multiple power options like some good vacuums, neither it comes with an extra cleaning tools like the crevice or small brush tools. The only cleaning head you get is the main tool.


At the performance, this can be one of the best-bagged vacuum cleaners. It is the only bagged vacuum in our top 11 vacuum cleaners. Most people don’t prefer a bagged vacuum because you have to change bags from time to time. But that’s not that big of an issue if you give more preference to its performance, portability and compact design.

The brush roll at the bottom revolves at 6500 RPM and catches all sorts of debris easily. Besides, it also has side brushes which enhances the edge/side cleaning. Overall the brushes give you good cleaning on all type of surfaces and pet hair.

The Oreck Commercial XL is suitable for both bare floor and carpets. But it is not better to be used on the bare floor. This is because you can not turn OFF the motorized brushes. If the brushes are ON, they slip on the surface which makes the cleaning performance low. Also, these brushes may leave scratches on such surfaces because the bristles are rigid.

Overall, the cleaning and suction performance is enormous. It is exactly what you expect from an Oreck vacuum cleaner. The motors are powerful, no debris is left behind after a single back and forth.

Best For

As the name suggests it is best for commercial use like hotels etc. But if it can be good for commercial use then it is definitely good for household use.

So overall, it is best used for carpets anywhere, at home or office. Besides, it is very compact in design and can be kept anywhere.

Parts & How to Use

There are no additional accessories, so the usage becomes very simple. You will find the power button somewhere on the handle and a bag below it.

This is where you replace the bags. They are not expensive either, a single bag will cost you around $1. Changing the bag is very simple, you would be able to sort it out yourself after you see it.

The cord here is around 10 meters, it is enough length for easily cleaning big areas having no need to replace socket position.

Bottom Line

Oreck XL2100RHS is the best commercial vacuum cleaner. It is mostly used for commercial purposes and is one of the most favorite vacuum cleaners among the best-bagged vacuum cleaners. The simple design gives it maximum portability, easy maneuverability and compact nature. You can easily place it anywhere. The thing you may not like about this best vacuum cleaner 2019 is that it has no additional accessories and extra features like power modes and height extension etc.

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5. Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pet UH72630

Best Household Vacuum Cleaner
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best household vacuum cleaner

Hoover WindTunnel 3 is the best vacuum cleaner for household cleaning. It has enhanced suction technology alongside best suction for pet hair. Also, it is well inside the budget, the price it is offered for is very low compared to its performance.

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  • Special Pet Hair Tool
  • Multiple Height Settings
  • Custom Options
  • Corded


Hoover WindTunnel 3 here is one best vacuum cleaner 2019 for household use. It provides you with almost all the tools you need for household cleaning and has separate features for vacuuming pet hair as well.

Design wise it is very compact and fancy. It is an upright vacuum cleaner having everything brought together in one place. It comes with special tools for specific purposes.

The height is very optimized, anyone can easily use it for a long time without getting tired. Also, its handle design makes maneuverability very easy and smooth. Each tool has its own place in this vacuum cleaner where you can easily place them all.

The dirt cup is transparent and a big one. The main base of this machine is not too big either. It can be easily placed anywhere.


Performance wise, it rocks. Namely, the brush roll at the bottom is twice powerful than ordinary rolls, this easily captures the debris without moving through the same area again and again. There is no loss of suction because of the cyclonic technology and most importantly there are three different suction channels which easily sucks deep dirt and debris from within the carpets and other surfaces.

You can easily switch between surfaces using the settings. Also, there are 7 different height settings which further enhances the overall performance.

HEPA filters have been used here, this makes it an anti-allergen vacuum and best vacuum for allergies.

Best For

The Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pet UH73620 is the best vacuum for household use. It gives you a ton of options for cleaning at home. You also get a special tool for pet hair cleaning.

Besides, it is compact and all tools can be very compactly placed in the machine itself. So it becomes one of the good vacuum cleaners for home.

Parts & How to Use

This vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of tools. First and foremost is the main cleaning head which has powerful brush rolls for capturing debris easily. Next is the pet turbo tool, it is small in size but has motorized brushes specifically designed for cleaning pet hair. Then there is the crevice tool for edges and lastly, you get the telescopic extension wand which increases the length so you could easily reach places at height or far away.

The power button is up on the top of the handle for quick ON/OFF. Then there is the suction only / brush roll ON and OFF option. You will find the button on the base at the bottom left.

While moving the handle needs to be tilt a little towards the rear, this makes the maneuverability easier. On the bottom at the front, you will notice a dial which is used for height settings, here setting 1 is for bare floors, Setting 2 is for carpets and then the deeper the carpet the higher you take the set. This makes pushing through the carpets easy.

It is better to use the hose and turbo cleaning head while cleaning the stairs because using the main cleaning head on stairs will make the overall process tiresome.

For emptying the dirt cup, you have to push the dirt cup release button to pull it out. Then place the dirt cup over any bin and push the lever, this opens the lid and all the garbage goes out. It can be easily fixed back by putting it in its place and pushing it gently.

Last but not least, the cord of this vacuum cleaner has its own hooks on the back side where it can be wrapped around. Length of the cord is 12 meters, it is longer than 10 meters which is a common cord length for vacuum cleaners.

Bottom Line

Hoover WindTunnel 3 is the best multi-surface vacuum cleaner. It works well on carpets and bare floors. Additionally, it has some extra settings which make the cleaning process easy. You also get a special tool for pet hair. Overall, it is the best vacuum for household use. The only thing which would have made it better is if it was a cordless one but it is not.

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6. Black and Decker AIRSWIVEL Ultra Lightweight Versatile

Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaner
Read Full Review

best cheap vacuum cleaner

Black and Decker AIRSWIVEL is the cheapest vacuum cleaner in accordance with the performance. You get almost all the features and power of a good vacuum cleaner at a very low price. This makes it one of the cheapest best vacuum cleaner of 2019.

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  • Flexible
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Cord Length


AIRSWIVEL by Black and Decker is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner. The best thing about its design is the lightweight nature which makes the maneuverability exceptional. This ultimately results in a very easy cleaning process.

Normally, two motors are needed for swivel movement. But here, the only motor has been designed in such a way you get maximum flexibility and easy maneuverability. Deducting the extra motor decreases the weight of this vacuum cleaner.

So you get easy steering, where you can easily go around/below furniture and places which are hard to reach. The handle here is an ergonomic one, you can easily make a good grip. Using the handle you can move the vacuum cleaner sideways and circular at 170°.

Since it is upright, storing it is easy as well. The design has been made compact enough to carry it around or store it anywhere you want.


Talking about the suction, you may not get the same power which other good vacuum cleaners mentioned above have.

This does not mean that the cleaning is not good. It will capture almost all the debris and dirt which human eye can see. But if we talk about capturing the dirt from within the carpets and other such surfaces then it may not give satisfactory results.

The tools you get with this best cheap vacuum cleaner are ordinary tools which come with almost all vacuum cleaners, there is no special accessory included.

The only thing which really makes it a performer is its lightweight and AIRSWIVEL technology for very easy steering/maneuverability.

Best For

This vacuum cleaner is best for anyone who is looking for something that is cheap but still works well. It is offered at a low price and yes it works well but not the best.

It can be used inside the home or other places like your office. But it would be most suitable in a place where there are more bare floors than carpeted floors. It is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors.

Parts & How to Use

Black and Decker AIRSWIVEL Versatile comes with 3 additional tools. First the upholstery tool, next to the pet tool for easy removal of pet hair and finally the 3 in 1 crevice tool which has a crevice tool, and extended crevice tool and a small brush which can be fixed at the top.

The dust cup here is a big one. It is a 2-liter dirt cup, so you don’t need to empty it very often. On the front, a little below where the handle starts is the release button for dirt cup. After releasing it, bring it above any bin and open the lid by unclipping the hook on the bottom to throw all the debris. There is a max fill line on the dust cup, it’s better to empty it when the line is reached.

At the back side, you will see hooks where the power cord is wrapped. The power cord is around 9 meters, it is a meter less than what most vacuums have but is still manageable. The hose length is 3 meters, so it’s easy when you clean using the hose pipe.

You will see a colored filter cover on the bottom front, it is a perforated one. After removing the cover, you will see the main filter lying inside, you can wash this filter under water and then let it dry for the next 24 hours. It is better to wash this filter every 3 months or so.

Bottom Line

So, the AIRSWIVEL Versatile by Black and Decker is one cheap vacuum cleaner. It can not be called to be the best one overall, but if we compare the price and performance then it can be considered as the best vacuum cleaner within budget. The only thing you will love as mentioned above is the way you move it. Because the maneuverability and steering are super exceptional.

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Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner 2019

You must know there are several types and factors based on which you can decide which vacuum cleaner to buy. You will see different vacuum cleaners having different styles and sizes. Also, the features vary based on manufacturer and type.

Here we will go through types of vacuum cleaners first. Then we will cover the factors based on which you can easily decide what is the best vacuum cleaner?

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Mainly design-wise, you will come across two types of vacuum cleaners. One is the upright vacuum cleaner and the second one cylinder or canister vacuum cleaner. Both these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Besides, there are two types of vacuum cleaners based on the suction mechanism. First is the bagless vacuum cleaner and the next is the bagged vacuum cleaner.

Upright vs Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

This should be very clear from the names. An upright vacuum cleaner is standing tall having a handle at the top, the cleaning head at the bottom and the dirt bin/dirtbag at the middle. This type of vacuum cleaner is very easy to use and store as well. The maneuverability here is very good, so you can easily go through surfaces like carpets. The only place where you may face difficulty is small stairs and areas under furniture. Although some of these are designed to tackle this issue, you still may not find it too good.

upright vs cylinder vacuum cleaners

Now, a cylinder vacuum cleaner is what used to be the most famous design a few years ago. They are still good but not used more than some best upright vacuum cleaners. The good thing this type of vacuum cleaners have is that they are low in height and compact, so you can store them anywhere. Also, they have a high capacity of storing the dirt. But the disadvantage is that using them is a very hectic process. You have to pull the machine behind you everywhere you go, it is not good at all for people having back problems.

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Now based on the suction type we have two types of vacuum cleaners, namely bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. One type uses disposable bags which are thrown away when full or cannot be used anymore. The other one has a built-in dirt cup which captures the dirt/debris and can be emptied when full. Both these have their own pros and cons.

bagged vs bagless vacuum cleaners

The suction power of a bagged vacuum cleaner slows down as the dirt within the bag increases. But the good thing is that they are good for allergies, no dust/dirt goes back into your place because you simply throw the bag away. However, you have to buy bags for it from time to time.

Whereas a bagless vacuum cleaner does not compromise on suction power, it remains the same or there is a very subtle change which you may not notice easily.

However, while emptying the dirt cup of such vacuum cleaners you may spread around a little dust back into your room again. Lastly, there is no need of buying bags again and again because no bags are used, but you will have to wash the filters inside the vacuum cleaner every 2 or 3 months and then let them dry for the next 24 hours. And yes, there are some bagless vacuum cleaners which manage to do all the cleaning without filters, there are no filters.

Factors for Choosing Best Vacuum Cleaner

After knowing about the types of vacuum cleaner, you must know certain factors based on which you can conclusively decide which vacuum cleaner is the best choice for you.

i) Maneuverability
You must look into the maneuverability of a vacuum cleaner. If a vacuum cleaner is not easy to steer and operate then it is of no use. The maneuverability of a vacuum cleaner mainly depends on the handle and the cleaning head at the bottom. There are several vacuum cleaners which get stuck on carpets, then pulling and pushing gets very tough.

There are some vacuum cleaners like the Hoover WindTunnel 3 which lets you change the height settings, you can keep the height low for bare floors and high for carpets, in order to stay away from getting stuck.

ii) Surface Type
Knowing the type of surface is also important. Some vacuum cleaners work well on bare floors, some on carpets while others work on both. So you need to decide based on what type of surface you will be cleaning the most. If you have mostly carpeted areas in your home/office then you should choose the best vacuum cleaner for carpets and the vice versa.

iii) Stairs / Edges
Stairs and hard edges are the most difficult places to clean using a vacuum cleaner. A normal cleaning head which can be used on wide surfaces does not work in such places. You must make sure that your vacuum cleaner comes with extra tools like the crevice tool using which you can clean edges etc. as well. Besides, the weight of the vacuum cleaner matters as well, if your vacuum cleaner is heavy then it gets difficult to use on stairs, especially if the stairs are carpeted.

iv) Pet Hair
Cleaning pet hair is sometimes a headache. There are certain vacuum cleaners which come with special purpose tools like the pet hair tool, this makes cleaning the pet hair easy. But, some vacuum cleaners have default incorporated special brushes within the main cleaning head which can easily capture and suck in pet hair.

If your vacuum is not good with pet hair then you will be facing a problem, because you will have to remove the stuck pet hair from the brushes manually. This gets very hectic and tiresome.

v) Corded / Cordless
This can also be a type of vacuum cleaners but is not mainly considered as a type. However, it makes a big difference.

Initially, when cordless vacuums were introduced, they were not powerful and battery time was very low. But now Dyson has made some good vacuum cleaners like the Dyson V10 which gives you ultimate power and good battery time. Corded vacuum cleaners can sometimes become a mess, especially if there is no auto cord rewind option because then you have to wrap around the power cord manually.

But, it is very obvious that cordless vacuum cleaners are expensive compared to corded because of the battery and chargers/charging docks.

vi) Accessories
Additional accessories are important too. There are tools like upholstery tool, crevice tool, mini brush tools, etc which are needed from time to time. A vacuum cleaner which has no such tool is not a good option. However, it totally depends on your use. Like in our ratings here we have an industrial vacuum cleaner Oreck XL2100RHS which has no additional accessories because it is mostly used in wide areas like hotels where you only need the main cleaning head.

vii) Noise
Some vacuum cleaners can be very noisy and may annoy you. While buying a vacuum cleaner you must look if there is some mechanism included which decreases the noise. Dyson has manufactured some good vacuum cleaners which have the noise control system within them. This system absorbs the vibrations and ultimately there is very low noise.


That’s all about best vacuum cleaners 2019 from us. Hope by now you know which vacuum cleaner you need the most.

We update our reviews on a monthly basis. You can always come back and check if there is something new next month.

If you are curious about how we rank products, you can check it in our “ABOUT” section below.

Now Let’s hear from you…

Which vacuum cleaner did you like the most?

Or if you have any question regarding any of the above-mentioned vacuum cleaners?

Feel free to leave a comment, we love to hear from our readers.

Best Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum Cleaners 2019

Best Rated in Upright Vacuum Cleaners Dual Action

best vacuum cleaner


CAUTION!   Not all the vacuum cleaners in our house are right for us. The vacuum cleaner as we know it works as a home cleaner than dust that is not visible to our eyes. The vacuum cleaner also acts as a dust purifier in a place where it is very difficult to clean. In short, the vacuum cleaner is very important for people who really need it.

Best Vacuum Cleaners review

There is also a vacuum cleaner that does not fit our house. The meaning does not fit here is that it can not function properly or not as we expect. Therefore, we must be good at choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaners that is good and appropriate for our home so that we can do the cleaning thing as well.

So, today I want to list a good feature of vacuum and it’s best to use in our homes so that our home can be perfectly cleaned. Want to know what a good feature of the vacuum cleaner is? Let’s go.


Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

best vacuum cleaners

Big machine suction power. But with cord-free versatility. The Dyson cyclone V10 animal cord-free vacuum has a 40 Percent bigger bin than their previous Dyson V8 animal vacuum for the big cleans. The torque drive cleaner head removes 25 percent more dust from carpets than the previous Dyson V8 animal vacuum. It’s their most powerful cleaner head yet. Has three power modes to choose from, to suit any task on any floor type. The Dyson cyclone V10 animal cord-free vacuum quickly transforms to a handheld for quick clean UPS, spot cleaning and cleaning difficult places.


Pros Cons
The most powerful suction of any cord-free vacuum. If you want to use the maximum suction and a powerhead, the battery lasts less than 10 minutes.
Lightweight and versatile. .
Quickly transforms into a handheld vacuum.


Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Bissell 1831

best vacuum cleaner

Unlike different vacuums that need you to go over the identical floor space multiple times before they vacuum up all of the rubbish, the BISSELL Cleanview upright vacuum is built with one pass technology that has powerful suction and an innovative brush style to scrub on the initial pass. With a multi-cyclonic system for lasting, powerful suction and a light-weight style that is simple to push and carry, the BISSELL Cleanview is that the excellent combination of kind and performance. Multi-level filtration with a wash-and-wear filter helps cut back household dirt and allergens. Plus, this simple to use vacuum is provided with a large-capacity, bottom-empty dirt bin for fast, mess-free remotion. to wash those hard-to-reach areas, The BISSELL Cleanview Includes specialized tools together with a dusting brush, crevice tool, and Turbo brush tool that are excellent for a cleansing piece of furniture, stairs, upholstery, and more. (Removes most surface rubble supported a visible check.

Pros Cons
Lightweight design makes it easy to carry and push. Not suitable for everyone because it’s difficult to navigate.
Extended Cleaning Reach With A 25-Foot Power Cord, 6-Foot Hose, And 13.5 Inch Cleaning Path. Pretty loud and heavy.
Its adjustment knob allows us to go to carpet to floor quickly and efficiently.
Large-Capacity Dirt Bin.

Works on both floors and carpets.


Overall this is not the best vacuum cleaner but it really sucks the dust and rubbish. It’s good for the price and the best in its category.



Bagless & Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner – Shark NV501

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble Not super light-weight
It’s pretty quiet It’s little hard to remove the handle
Brushroll is easy to clean Not suitable for cat waste.
It’s good for pet hair, perfect for dog

Best of The Best Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic Vacuum CleanerSuper Quiet, Self-Charging System


Types of vacuum cleaners

When it comes to full-size, manual vacuum cleaners for the home, there are three main types: upright, canister, and stick.

Upright vacuums

An upright vacuum cleaner is usually what people picture when they think about vacuums. The vacuum head, motor, and dirt receptacle are housed in a single component that you push in front of you.

Uprights tend to offer the most powerful suction, and work equally well on carpeting and hard flooring.

They’re available in both bagged and bagless models, but don’t usually have as many attachments as other vacuum styles.

Canister vacuums

A canister vacuum cleaner consists of a vacuum head that’s connected to a tank by a long hose. You move the vacuum head in front of yourself, picking up dirt and debris that is sucked into the tank that trails along behind you.

The main benefit of a canister vacuum is that it usually offers a wide range of accessories, allowing you to clean curtains, furniture, walls, and ceilings, in addition to flooring.

Dragging the canister tank behind you can be annoying, though, especially when you have to lug the vacuum up stairs, or around a large room. Because of its bulk, it can also be difficult to find a spot to store a canister vacuum.

Stick vacuums

A stick vacuum cleaner is a lightweight, slim style that utilizes light suction and a rotating brush to pull dirt into a bag or container.

You can choose from corded and cordless models.

Because of their weaker suction, stick vacuums don’t work well as a main vacuum, and typically work best for light cleaning or touch-ups.

Vacuum cleaner feature considerations


A vacuum cleaner’s weight plays a big role in how easy it is to use and how much maneuverability it has. Upright and canister vacuums are usually heavier than stick vacuums, but they often have increased suction power to make up for it.

If you live in a multistory home, it’s particularly important to consider a vacuum’s weight before purchasing – you’ll have to lug it up and down stairs. In most cases, it’s best to look for a vacuum that weighs no more than 17 pounds.

Bagged vs Bagless

Vacuum cleaners typically come in two styles: bagged and bagless.

Bagged vacuums cleaners have a disposable bag that collects the dirt and must be emptied when it’s full. Most vacuums have an indicator light, alerting you when the bag needs to be emptied.

With a bagged vacuum, there is the added expense of purchasing bags. However, it usually holds more dirt and doesn’t release as much dust and debris in the air when emptied.

A bagless vacuum cleaner has a bin or container that collects the dirt the vacuum picks up. You don’t have to pay for any replacement bags, but it’s easy to release dirt and dander in the air when you empty the dirt container, which can be a problem if you have allergies.


A vacuum cleaner is usually equipped with some type of filter to help remove small particles from the air, such as dust, dander, and other allergens. Some filters must be replaced periodically, while others are reusable and must be cleaned every so often. A vacuum with reusable filters will save you money.

It’s also important to pay attention to the type of filter that a vacuum uses. Standard filters provide the lowest level of filtration, while micron filters can remove smaller particles for higher filtration.

However, if you have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, or there are pets in your home, you may want to invest in a vacuum with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. It can remove microscopic particles of dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and even tobacco smoke from your home, providing the highest level of filtration.

Cord length

Nearly all upright and canister vacuums are corded, as are some stick vacuums. A corded vacuum usually provides more effective suction than a cordless model, but it’s important to pay attention to the length of the cord.

If you have large areas or staircases to vacuum, you need a model with a long enough cord that you won’t have to unplug and replug the machine as you’re working.

In general, look for a vacuum cleaner with a cord that’s at least 25 feet long.


All vacuum cleaners make some amount of noise when they’re in use, but some are noisier than others. If you’re sensitive to noise, or live in an apartment where loud noise may disrupt your neighbors, it’s important to choose a quieter model.

A vacuum’s noise level is reflected in its decibel (dB) level, which is usually included in the product specifications. For a quiet vacuum, look for one with a decibel level between 60 and 65.

A vacuum cleaner with a decibel level of 70 dB or greater will be fairly noisy.

Other features

Depending on your home’s layout and other details, there are certain special features that may make a vacuum cleaner better suited to meet your needs.

  • Many vacuum cleaners come with accessories, which allow you to clean more effectively. For example, you may get a narrow tool for tight crevices, a round brush for dusting surfaces, a smaller brush for upholstery, and other tools.
  • A vacuum cleaner with pile adjustment allows you to change the height of the brush roll, accommodating your carpet’s pile thickness for easier and more effective cleaning.
  • If you plan to use a vacuum cleaner on hard flooring, a model with a bare floor option is a good choice. The setting usually allows you to turn off the brush, so hard flooring isn’t scratched or otherwise damaged during cleaning.
  • Some vacuum cleaners feature a retractable cord, so it’s easier to put away.

How much should I pay for a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are available at a variety of price points, but depending on the model, you can typically expect to spend between $50 and $400.

For a basic upright vacuum with adequate suction, expect to pay $80 to $120.

For a higher-end, upright model with a lightweight design and powerful suction, you will likely pay between $180 and $390.


Tips and tricks

  • When using vacuum, you work in both directions. If you only move the machine in one direction, you may lose some dirt, dust and dirt. Make sure you work up and down and to the edge.
  • Spray the surface in the room before the vacuum. In this way you do not need to vacuum for a second time to remove the dust and dirt you remove with your fabric.
  • It is important to always change or clean your vacuum cleaner filter. It does not effectively remove allergens from the house if it is clogged or dirty. If your vacuum cleaner uses HEPA filters, replace them every six months.
  • Do not wait until your carpet or floor looks dirty to use a vacuum cleaner. Under the carpet and other objects, dust, dirt and allergens can be collected before you see dirt that can cause allergies.
  • Vacuum cleaners with reusable filters save maintenance costs.


Q. What’s the difference between a single-motor and a dual-motor vacuum cleaner?

A. A single-motor vacuum cleaner uses one motor to power both the brush and vacuum. A dual-motor vacuum cleaner has a separate motor for the brush and another for the vacuum, which provides increased power and more effective suction.

Q. What type of vacuum cleaner works best for pet hair?

A. Some vacuum cleaners are designed specifically for pet hair, and feature tangle-free brushes and counter-rotating heads that are extremely effective in removing pet hair from carpeting and furniture. In general, bagged models tend to work better because pet hair can easily escape when you clean out a bagless dirt container.

Q. How often do you have to change the bag in a bagged vacuum cleaner?

A. It depends on your vacuum cleaner model and how much dirt and debris it picks up. Many vacuums have an indicator light that tells you when the bag is full and requires changing. If your model doesn’t have a light, check the bag to see how full it is, or pay attention to the suction, which will weaken if the bag’s too full. It’s best to change the bag before it’s completely full – try to catch it when it’s between halfway and three-quarters full.


You also have to consider:

Best vacuums for dogs

Best vacuum cleaners for carpets

Best vacuum cleaners for pets

Best Rated in Upright Vacuum Cleaners Dual Action







best electric scooter for heavy adult

The Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

The Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

You come to the right place! We will show you one of the best electric scooter for heavy adults that can load up to 550 lbs. You will save time and stress looking around on the internet to find for the best that suits your need. This will surprise everyone who is looking for it.

QIEWA Q1Hummer 800Watts Electric Scooter 

This is the winner!!! With Maximum Load Weight up to 550lbs. 

Motor Power: 800Watts ■ Maximum Drive Distance until 100km.

Maximum Driving Speed can go near to 55KP.

Check More Details Here…

Max Load Weight: 550lbs

■ Motor Power: 800Watts
■ Max Drive Distance: 65 Miles
■ Conquer 35 degree incline
■ Max Driving Speed: 37MPH
■ Battery: 26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery
■ Max Load Weight: 550lbs
■ Dual shock absorber for smoother driving
■ Anti-theft remote key fob
■ Double Disk brakesfor stable braking
■ Tail braking light Available
■ 2 Second Quick-Folding
■ IP65 waterproof
■ Tire:10 inches pneumatic tire features great shock absorption and anti-slip treads
■ USB charging function

The scooter is built strong. If we all look, you will find that Qiewa is not cheap in terms of hardware, cables and components. It’s not an existing scooter brand.. it’s a guy. There are many easier and cheaper options. It is ideal for anyone looking for a strong, fast and day-driving platform. It is super stable, quiet and easy to maneuver and also looks very durable. Range, speed, comfort and durability are good as stated. The complete suspension is excellent and two disc brakes were required to get over 40 km/h on the track.

It is ideal for traveling to various destinations such as fishing and homework. It’s a bit difficult, but you can do it. The speedometer seems to work fast next door. Disc brakes are a noticeable improvement on the drum brake of many scooters. If you are driving after dark, we recommend having a turn signal on the rear fender. The taillights illuminate when the brakes are applied.

Best Electric Scooter for Heavy Adults

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